Craig B. Howley – Curriculum Vitae


EdD (Education Administration)
West Virginia University, May 1996
Morgantown, West Virginia

MA (Gifted Education)
Marshall University Graduate College (WVCGS), August 1982
South Charleston, West Virginia

BA (English and Comparative Literature)
Columbia College, June 1970
New York City, New York


1997-present WordFarmers Associates, Albany, OH (senior researcher)
2001-2011     ACCLAIM Research Initiative, Ed Studies Dept, Ohio Univ (director)
1999-2013      Educational Studies Dept, Ohio Univ, Athens OH (associate professor)
1988-2004      ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools (Director)
1986-2004      Appalachia Educational Lab, Charleston West Virginia (Researcher)
1982-1986      University of Charleston, Charleston (Adjunct faculty)
1981-1982      Jackson County Schools, West Virginia (teacher)
1973-1977      West Virginia Department of Mental Health (teacher)

Craig Howley is a prominent education researcher in the US. He has conducted empirical studies about school size, school consolidation, place-based education, mathematics education, talent development (gifted education), teaching and teachers, technology, principal preparation, and education policy. He has conducted program evaluations in technology, special education, parent and family involvement, place-based education, and professional development. His work also includes many articles, policy briefs, and books for teachers, principals, and community members. 


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