Aimee Howley – Curriculum Vitae


EdD (Education Administration)
West Virginia University, May 1989
Morgantown, West Virginia

MA (Learning Disabilities)
Marshall University Graduate College (WVCGS), August 1977
South Charleston, West Virginia

BA (Philosophy)
Barnard College, June 1972
New York City, New York


1997-present             WordFarmers Associates (President and Principal Investigator)
1997-present             Ohio University (Emerita since 2013)
1990-1997                   Marshall University (Professor)
1989-1990                   West Virginia Institute of Technology (Professor)
1988-1989                   Jackson County (WV) (Director of Special Education)
1982-1988                   University of Charleston (Professor)
1977-1982                   Jackson County (WV) (Teacher, Special Education Coordinator)

Aimee Howley is President of WordFarmers Associates LLC. She has a broad background in educational research, evaluation, and policy studies. She is also professor emerita at Ohio University, where she served as a faculty member in the Educational Studies Department and Senior Associate Dean of the Patton College of Education. Her research explores the intersection between social context and educational practice; and she has used both quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate a wide range of questions relating to rural education, educational reform, school leadership, and education for diverse learners. Dr. Howley has authored or co-authored six books, numerous book chapters, and more than 60 refereed journal articles.


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